Our Expertise

At Odyssey, we offer a full range of services and interventions in Organisational Development. We go way beyond symptoms and presenting issues.
As we work with organisations, departments, teams or communities, no one part of the “system” is treated in isolation since they all influence and are influenced by one another. We engage in organizational diagnosis to offer a systemic approach to addressing the issues and challenges of our clients.
We adopt a practical, mission-critical approach towards each intervention, understanding that each organisation has its unique needs, values and vision.

Human Resource Management

Organisational Development

Organisational Development is a planned, whole-system, sustained approach to improve organisational systems and optimise organisational effectiveness and health, through the development of the fundamental organisational unit – groups and teams.

Systemic Organisational Diagnosis

We utilise systemic diagnostic approaches to gain a thorough understanding of organisational issues and assess organisational alignment.

  • Diagnostic Surveys and Analyses
  • Cultural Surveys
  • Needs Assessments
Visioning and Strategy Formulation

Visioning mobilises inputs from all stakeholders, explores and analyses the past and present to create ‘desired future states’ – the basis for strategic imperatives and action planning.

  • Vision and Mission Development
  • Strategy Formulation and Definition
  • Core Values and Behaviour Models
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Business Research
Strategic Management and Execution

We engage in the process of guiding organisations towards the execution of its strategic imperatives within a conceptual framework of understanding strategy, strategic thinking, strategic management, strategic objectives and operational planning.

  • Strategy Review and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Plan Preparation
  • Developing Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Operational Planning
Policy and Process Alignment

We conduct a comparative analysis of the organisation’s philosophy and strategy as expressed in its policies, processes and procedures with actual practices and provide services to improve performance.

  • Policy and Procedure Analysis
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Mapping
Team Technology

Team-building enables teams to manage better and capitalise on their resources to improve functioning and provide the organisation with quality results.

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Assessing Team Composition
  • Evaluating Team Effectiveness
Organisational Communication

Typical communication content, patterns and processes are examined and their effectiveness assessed in the context of the organisation’s philosophy and goals to facilitate shared meaning and understanding.

  • Assessing and Transforming Organisational Communication
  • Organisational Language and Culture
Organisational Transformation

We partner organisations through the process of creating and anticipating change, planning implementation and treating with the outcomes.

  • Transformation Planning
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Transforming Organisational Culture
  • Leading Through Change
  • Change Management Workshops
  • Building Change Management Teams
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Transformation Process Audits
Quality Service Systems

We explore organisation’s customers and their needs, service delivery processes and individuals in the organisations. Applying the work processes, attitudes and behaviours that contribute to quality service delivery, we design and deliver interventions to positively impact the service systems.

  • Analysing Service Delivery Systems
  • Improving Service Delivery Processes
  • Quality Customer Service Workshops
  • Developing Customer Service Manuals
  • Communication Skills Workshops

Leadership is about creating the influence to travel on the grounds of today’s realities, through the turbulence of changing landscapes, inspired by the vision of a desired future.


Human Resource Systems

Leadership and Managerial Development

To develop quality managers to succeed in today’s environment, our interventions begin with a focused exploration of the person, shifts to an examination of the management function, followed by the techniques and skills.

  • Visioning / Futuring and Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • Coaching and Counselling
  • Performance Management
  • Communication
  • Decision Making / Problem-Solving
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Modelling
  • Human Resource Audits
  • Human Resource Planning
Recruitment and Selection

While training and development can improve the human resources in the organisation, business results lie in the quality of human resources introduced into the organisation.

  • Assessment Centres
  • Interviewing Skills Workshops
  • Behavioural Testing and Profiling for Job Fit
Performance Management

Performance management takes a holistic view of the process through which organisations ensure the achievement of results. It includes defining performance standards, identifying and diagnosing performance discrepancies and reducing performance gaps.

  • Designing and Introducing Performance Management Systems
  • Diagnosing Performance Discrepancies
  • Defining Performance Standards
  • Performance Appraisal Workshops
Assessment-Development Centres

Organisations must have the “right people” in the “right place” and ensure that staff are challenged to improve their competence. This solution focuses on assessing candidates’ competence or ‘fit’ for given positions, identifying critical development gaps and making recommendations on development activities to move individuals to the required level of performance

  • Assessment Centres (Recruitment)
  • Assessment-Development Centres
Executive Coaching

Quite often, managers are not sufficiently prepared to move into complex leadership roles that may differ significantly from their areas of technical expertise. One approach to closing this gap is Executive Coaching. Our Executive Coaching Practice is based on the premise that coaching, willingly entered into, is designed to improve performance in a specific, agreed upon area of activity through a supportive- directive process over a specified time period.

Learning and Development

Critical to the effective use of Training as an organisational development tool, is an understanding of the entire training process, from needs assessment, through design and delivery to impact evaluation. With extensive experience in this area, we build organisational competence in this area through:

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • “Train the Trainer” Skillshops
  • Developing a Learning Culture
Behavioural Style Analysis

The participants come face-to-face with all aspects of their behavioural style and the way it affects others. Issues of identifying the styles of others, situation-specific style-shifting for improved effectiveness and conflict-management styles receive detailed attention.

  • Style Analysis Workshops
  • Individual and Team Style Analysis
  • Style Profiling for Placement
Workforce Diversity

Our approach sensitises people to their own diversity ‘issues’ and ‘concerns’, works with them towards valuing the differences that people bring to the organisation and mobilises the value created through diversity towards energising organisational success.

  • Diversity Workshops
  • Managing Differences
  • Workplace Mediation
Outplacement Services

A reality of today’s competitive environment is that organisations may have to reduce their complement of Human Resources. We work with clients to establish the most effective rationale and process for doing so and provide support services that address the psychological, employment and financial aspects of outplacement.

  • Outplacement Planning
  • Outplacement Workshops
  • Counselling and Support Services
  • “Survivor” Workshops
Career Management

Our approach to Career Management provides an integrated set of interventions and processes that ensure organisational success while meeting individual needs.

  • Manpower / Succession Planning
  • Human Resource Audits
  • Competency Modeling
  • Job Descriptions
  • Skills Profiling
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Planning Workshops
  • Pre-Retirement Workshops
Self-Management Skills

We encourage participants to take up the challenge of managing themselves, take personal responsibility for their future and commit to personal change and improved effectiveness.

  • Self Management Workshops
  • Stress Management
  • RejuvenateU Retreat

Seminars and Skill Shops

Career Breakout…a take-charge, life-changing experience
For many, the reality of work is characterised by frustration, turbulence, uncertainty and disappointment – all manifestations of an inability to address the core issues of Life Purpose and Career Satisfaction.

It is never too late to discover who and what we really are and to determine our life purpose The Career Breakout workshop will help you to understand what work really is and to approach it as a vehicle to fulfil your true purpose and life direction. The series of assessment tools, practical exercises and insights will set you on a path to live life purposefully, to work with meaning, to find what you love and love what you do!

SELF Inc. – A Model for Self Management

The SELF Inc programme challenges individuals to see themselves as organisations and to take up the challenge of effective self- management.

The participants are guided in creating a personal vision, conducting a personal performance audit of all aspects of their lives using the core principles of organisational management and generating individualised action-plans for personal change and improved effectiveness.
Begin with the end in mind…discover and fulfil your life purpose.

Rejuvenateu logo

      … A Unique Retreat for Today’s Woman

Our unique rejuvenating retreat experience indulges the professional women in unique forms of relaxation to create peace of mind, improve their work-life balance in a serene, comfortable environment while establishing a virtual network of female associates.

Given the stresses associated with today’s world of work and everyday living, RejuvenateU provides an opportunity to renew their commitment to a holistic self-care philosophy, so they can be and perform at their best, and return to their respective workplaces and homes with a new vigour for life.

Odyssey Learning Series

  • Taming the Change
  • Train the Trainer
  • The Strategic Leader
  • Engaging Our People
  • Coaching for Results
  • Supervisory Development
  • From Strategic Thought to Action
  • The Leadership Opportunity
  • Strategic Thinking

OD Tools and Models

Odyssey Organisational Model ©

The Odyssey Organisational Model is a holistic framework for exploring and ensuring effective, dynamic, integrated relationships among four key organisational elements – Vision, Operational-Functional, Socio-Cultural and Human elements – in the broader contextual environment within which they exist. The model facilitates environmentally-sensitive, sustainable approaches to transforming organisations for business success.

Odyssey 4P Team Model ©

The Odyssey 4P Team Model is a conceptual framework that guides teams and organisations to develop a clear purpose through which it delivers to its various stakeholders and explores the processes and avenues by which the team organises to execute its functions and the people on whom team and organisational success depend. The Odyssey 4P Team Model© addresses the fundamentals of teamwork and allows for flexible approaches to a range of team issues and dynamics, specific to the needs of the client.

Odyssey Change Impact Assessment (CIA) ©

Through the course of our extensive involvement in change management initiatives, we developed the Odyssey Change Impact Assessment; a framework intended to stimulate thought and guide discussion around major change events in organisations by probing various internal and external impact areas.
The CIA facilitates dialogue among change teams and others at various levels of the organisation, producing a broad assessment of the potential impact of change from multiple perspectives. More critically, the CIA identifies potential threats of the change and creates opportunity to develop recommendations and course corrective steps to facilitate optimal conditions for implementation of the change.

Odyssey Change Readiness Assessment ©

The Odyssey Change Readiness Assessment © tool is used to assess the level of change readiness (or potential change resistance) in the organisation on various dimensions. Additionally, the CRA tool enables organisations to plan transitional structures and approaches to ensure successful execution of planned change events to ensure a positive transformation or improvement.

Odyssey Active Response Framework ©

Amidst the rapidly evolving and challenging global business environment in which organisations operate, the Odyssey Active Response Framework offers a series of interventions to support organisations in understanding the current turbulent realities, taking decisive action to manage the challenges and creating unique opportunities to take advantage of the times.
We work with clients to co-engineer strategies and approaches to systematically assess and ameliorate the potential and actual negative impacts of the unfolding situation. Our ARF interventions are focused on making appropriate and necessary adjustments to organisational structures and systems, strengthening the human element- people of the organisation, treating with HR challenges and developing leadership capability to take organisations positively into an uncertain future.

Our Client Network

Our extensive experience in the Public Sector includes large-scale Organisational Transformation and facilitation of a wide range of Training & Development Programmes for Public Officers including senior levels for Ministries, State Agencies and Special Purpose Enterprises.
We have also engaged with a wide range of Private Sector organisations and consulted successfully at the broad systemic level and at team and individual levels with clients in the Finance, Energy, Industrial and Service sectors.
The following is a cross- section of our clients who have benefitted from our expertise.


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